About University Of Life Experiences

The University of Life Experiences is global and encompasses every human being on the planet, for we all share common experiences.

On this website we offer mock and novelty Degrees, Gift Certificates, Diplomas, and Doctorates to acknowledge these life experiences, and to stimulate thought and to highly amuse your friends and relatives to whom you may offer them as Gifts.

Framed and put on desk or wall these novelty certificates are sure to cause comment and or laughter when read.

To purchase, download and print these unique documents on your own color printer will cost you a mere $ 5.

Payment is by Credit card to a secure account

The University of Life Experiences acknowledges that once a person is born he/she is automatically enrolled into it's faculties and is from then on entiltled to recieve cetificates of various kinds. Starting at the initial low level, through progress the time soon comes where he/she is entitled not only to receive but also hand over certificates to others.

Therefore anybody is able to give or receive any of those certificates appropriate to the circumstances.